Roller shutters

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Anno 2002

Roller shutters are the classic sun shading system for the home. These modern products are easy to install and can either serve as a design element or blend into the facade.
Set your own standards and create your own customised roller shutter. These can be based on various profiles and a large number of colours.
WAREMA front-mounted roller shutter is suitable for use in new buildings and in renovations. They can either be “invisibly” integrated in the facade or used as an optical facade highlight.
WAREMA top-mounted roller shutters are used in new buildings and for window renovations.
In contrast to front-mounted roller shutters, the shutter box is placed directly on top of the window. In this way, the roller shutter and window can be mounted in a single efficient step.
The box is available for plastering (in indoor and outdoor areas).
WAREMA top-mounted roller shutters are characterised by high heat insulation values and fulfill the applicable energy saving regulations (U=0.76 W/m²K).